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2 years in Ireland?!

I can’t believe that it is already! I remember that day when I came here, and I everything was so beautiful. I have to say: I felt confused, really confused. Why ? It is easy. I left whole my life in Poland. I had boyfriend, friends, family, work there, and I decided to come here, of course just for 6 months. To try something new. And I did this. I tried. And this changed all of my life.

First questions: Do you regret? You lost everything..

That’s true, my decision changed everything. But I can not think that I lost something. All of that people are still in my life, more or less, but they are still in my mind. Of course some friendship has to be over, but that’s normal. Right? We have to remember that our life will be changing all the time. New places, new people.. We can’t stop it, even if we would love to do it. I don’t want. I love my life. Now, finally I really feel that everything is that’s how I want. I found amazing person, we are planning our future, I am thinking about my future. And I am still repeating: I am so happy…
And that’s the truth. So, my answer for the question is: No, I don’t regret. I believe in destiny. So if I lost some friends, that’s okay. I met new people. And they are still with me. That’s the most important thing.

Will I stay in Ireland? I don’t know. I am fall in love with that country, but.. it’s definitely too cold and too rainy for me. So .. I am thinking about moving to place like Spain or Portugal, but it is not so easy. You have to plan everything, but now? I just want to enjoy every moment. Every single minute with my love, every single hour with my kids at work, every single word on my blog. Everything. I want to focus on my happiness. I know, that’s selfish, but usually I am first thinking about other people, them about myself. And I am not happy with that. Now it’s time to make myself really, really happy. Them I will be able to help other people.

That’s all.
It is funny because I just wanted to tell you something about day, when I came to Ireland and suddenly that changed for something different. But that’s good.
Remember: Your happiness is the most important for you. 🙂

Few words about past, now few words about future. Before my blog was for me, my friends, some other people. I was afraid.. That someone will tell me: That’s shit! You shouldn’t writing a blog..
For sure you think that now it’s different.. Of course no.. 😀 I am still afraid, but I have great people around me, and they show me that I should be here, for myself and for you.
That’s why..
This year will be the most important for my blog, and one of the most important for me.
I want do change my ‚small blog’ for something big, for great ‚electronic diary’ for everyone. What does it mean? It mean’s changes, a lot of changes. I know that now is a lot of pages about lifestyle, beauty, travels etc. But I want to believe that this one will be different, because will be mine 😀
And I need your help, your opinion. Tell me what do you think: Should I write more? Or maybe I should just stay here for some people. Do you have any ideas, any questions? Write to me. You can do it below the post, as a comment, or you can send me email, or message. All of details you can find here: Contact. I will really appreciate it.



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