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5 years in Ireland – Eff my life

Hi all! Today’s post is like a small anniversary – 5 years in Ireland! I came here only for 6 months and looks what happened… I can’t say that I regret, of course I am not. But I have to admit that my life has changed a lot. I would like to share with You few good moments from the past 5 years.


I came to Ireland as an au pair. I supposed to stay only 6 months, but I’ve changed my mind, and here we are.. This year was all about meeting new people, discovering new places, and getting used to decision, that I am going to stay in Ireland bit longer. Below few post, which I’ve published on my old blog.

My first St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
First trip with my girls


This was a crazy year! I’ve changed my job twice, I’ve got my first, two tattoos, I’ve met love of my life, and I had a chance to visit one of my favourite places in the world.. I’ve also realised that Ireland is my home, at least for next, few years.

Here, for the first time I’ve told You about big changes
My dream came true – holiday in Barcelona


In 2016 I’ve took as many changes as possible to travel and explore new places. We visited few things in Ireland, but also I went alone to London and Manchester. That helped me a lot to understand, that I don’t need company to enjoy travelling 🙂

Quick summary after two years in Ireland
Dublin Port Riverfest
Halloween trip to Sally Gap
Our lovely guests


2017 was I think even crazier than the last year.. We went to Dingle, we saw a dolphin, we had a great holiday in Portugal and we moved out to new apartment! We’ve explored Ireland a little bit, below few very interesting places 🙂

Beautiful Curracloe beach
Incredible Powerscourt Gardens
Wicklow Mountains
Our lovely holiday in Portugal
Fungie, the dolphin – visit in Dingle


The last year was really good and of course busy! Did You count how many times I’ve said busy and crazy?! 😀 We were trying to travel as much as we could so, We’ve been in Northern Ireland four times, two times in London, we had two weddings in Poland, we visited beautiful Italian city and spent a great week in Spain! Also, I’ve been practising my cooking skills, and I have to say: I am almost very good 😀

We started this year with a trip to Belfast
We were haunting places from Game of Throne
Popular bridge ‘on the end of world’
One day in one of my favourites cities!
Visit in Poland
Great holiday in Spain
New, favourite place


Welcome to 2019! This year will be even better than the previous ones! Few changes coming in next following months, and of course I will tell you about it soon! In meantime, don’t forget to read the latest post and visit me on my social media accounts: Facebook & Instagram.

Portrush, Northern Ireland

I hope You enjoyed this post! If You would like to share with me your favourite memories, leave a comment below, or post it on my Facebook! Kisses, Eff 🙂

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