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Home, sweet home. 
Being here is always the best part of travelling. Sleeping in your own bed, drinking coffee with your favourite cup..
But honestly? I could stay there few days more. Barcelona is AMAZING!
I spent there 7 days with perfect company and even if sometimes weather wasn’t great, I couldn’t imagine better holidays.
Of course i have A LOT of pictures, so I decided to divide into two or three parts. One will be about practical tips for that trip, and the second one and third one will be more about pictures, inspired by other bloggers.
I hope you will enjoy that.🙂
If you are travelling from Poland You can use RYANAIR or WIZZAIR. Both of them have tickets in good prize to Barcelona. The costs is around 100zł – 500zł for one person in both side.
If you are travelling from Dublin, you have more than two company, but the most popular are : RYANAIR and AER LINGUS. The prize are 70€-250€ per person in both side. Of course you can pay more, if you want to travel with more exclusive company like EMIRATES or SWISS 🙂
But if you don’t wanna pay a lot of money, you have to just watching websites with flights and for sure you will find sth good for you! 🙂
Going to Barcelona you can choose one from two airports: GERONA/GIRONA (RYANAIR) – around 75 min by car/bus from Barcelona, and BARCELONA EL PRAT, next to the city center.
From Girona you can take bus to Barcelona, and the cost is around 15€ per person, in one side.
We choose the El Prat, and because we didn’t want use the taxi ( costs would be around 50-60€ because of heavy traffic), we choose metro. It was funny, because we came there very early so we were tired, and sleepy, and was VERY hot. But the biggest problem was that we didn’t know how metro is working, so we have to ask one man, which has a big problem with English, but fortunately, after 25 min travel by metro, 25 min walking we found our hotel 🙂 You don’t have to be like we, and you can choose between : bus (around 10€), taxi (depends from the distance and traffic but you can check the costs :, and of course metro 🙂
You have few options:
I think is the best choice. In few minutes you can go on the second side the city, or one of the most popular monuments, atractions. You have few options for the tickets:
* Sensil ticket it’s single ticket. The prize is around 2.15€.
* T-10 ticket it’s ticket for 10 rides. And you can use it by yourself or with friends. Th cost is around 10€, we use this one 🙂
*  T-Dia it’s all day ticket.

It’s very easy to recognize taxi, because all cars are black&yellow. You can ‚catch’ the taxi on the street, you don’t need to call or looking for on app like Hailo. If the taxi has green light it’s mean that it’s free, if has the red light, it’s mean that’s engaged.

You should walking, especially if you have a nice weather and time. Of course Barcelona has a lot of small streets, and you can be lost – We were, few times. We had no idea, were we are, but because of that we saw things, which we didn’t plan to see.

We stayed in SALLES HOTEL PERE IV  ( Prize per night, per two people is around 100€. It’s not the lowest prize but it’snot the highest prize as well. We had no food include in that prize, but we had SPA and amazing room 🙂 5 min away from hotel you can find metro station, which could take us to other station like Catalyuna, and famous things like La Rambla, Park Guell, Camp Nou.
Of course you can find cheaper accommodation like b&b, or hostels. Or if you are very open person you can use website like Airbnb (sleeping in someone’s house). 🙂
We didn’t buy meals in our hotel, we were trying eat in small, typical Spanish restaurant. There food was fresh, good and cheap.  In one, our favourite we met polish woman which was really nice, and showed us some interesting things on our map 🙂
Prize are really good. I mean if I compare that with prize in Ireland, there are lower.
For ex. for beer you pay 2€, coffee+croissant 2€, spaghetti+glass of wine 10€.
About this I will write more when I will share another post about Barcelona. We didn’t read about anything, didn’t check anything. Just walking and watching, but below I will show You the metro’s map and write some important things, which You shouldn’t miss 🙂
1. La Rambla – The most popular street in Barcelona. You can go there by line L1, go out on the Catalyuna stop, and there just go down or L3 on Drassaness stop and go up. 🙂
2. Sagrada Familia – You can go there by L5. If you wanna see Sagrada Familia inside, will be better if you will buy tickets online because there is always a lot of people.
3. Camp Nou – You can go there by L3. You can go out on Palau Reial, and go down, or on Maria station and go down and left and you will find it.
4. Park Guell – You can go by L3 and go out on Lesseps station.
5. Font Màgica – There you can go by L1, L3, L5. You should go out on Espanya station.
6. Museum Picassa – Go there by L4, and go out on Jaume station. Short walk from Barceloneta.
7. Park del Laberint d’Horta – Amazing labyrinth, not far away from Mundet station ( L3).
8. Museu de cera  – It’s wax Museum in the middle of La Rambla, During the week you can watch the was figures, and two times per week (Friday, Saturday) you can join to the Zombie Infection 🙂
9. La Boqueria – amazing place on La Rambla where you could buy all what you want (I mean food and drinks ;)).
10. Parc de la Ciutadella / ZOO – Here we came just by mistake. One of the best mistake ever 😀 Amazing Font, and momnument. Zoo? If you love animals – you have to go there! 🙂 You can come here by L1, going out on Arc de Triomf station 🙂
Everywhere on the street you can find guideposts, which show you where you should go 🙂
That’s all guys!
See you soon!

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