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Cliffs of Moher, Dublin – Tourist’s day!


It’s Tuesday so till Friday just 3 days! I can’t wait 😀

Few days ago we have guests. Kamil’s cousin and his girlfriend cam to Ireland and because of that we went to see some places. Today I have a lot of pictures from Cliffs oh Moher, Bray and Dublin. 🙂 We spent three days together and that was really good time! We wish we could have more!!

The Cliffs were amazing and beautiful as always! Weather was okay. Was really windy, but there was no rainy! So I guess we should say that we are really lucky! 😉 Let’s see the pictures! 🙂


On the way to Dublin we were really afraid that is going to be rainy but.. we seriously are really lucky – no rain! 😀

Bray was a really spontaneous idea. We wanted to sea the moon, but was too cloudy.. We went to the Porter House to have a nice end of our small holiday! 🙂



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