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Dark Hedges and Red Door Tea Room – something for Game of Throne fans and food lovers!

Today’s post is one part of our trip to Northern Ireland. I’ve made so many pictures so I have to share this for two posts because it would be waaaay to much for one 😀

I am gonna show you two places. One of this will make happy all fans Game of Throne, the other will be a perfect view for all people who loves food. Let’s see what we have.

Dark Hedges 

It is a road, in the Northern Ireland surrounded by really old, and amazing trees. This place inspired people to shot few scenes from Game of Throne exactly here. Just to let you know, there is more places which you can find there. But about the road, to be honest with you.. I didn’t recognized this place in series. It’s probably because of this special effects, see below 😉

As You can see above, the difference is incredible. We have a great weather and the place looks great, but nothing like in the series.

You can say, it’s just few trees but this place is a big attraction for a lot of people. If You want to have a picture of you, you have to come early before all the people will arrive.

The Red Door Tea Room 

It doesn’t looks really interesting from outside but inside! Wow! Place is amazing and the food! Highly recommend for everybody! You have to know that it is not easy to find good food in Ireland. I mean there is a lot of places with nice food but this place was great! Another thing is, when the weather is nice and sunny, ale the restaurants and pubs are full of people. Hard to find place to sit down. So I guess we were very lucky that time.  

If you will ever go to that place I will recommend the caffee, they have some nice Irish dishes but if you are not a fun of trying new things they have soups or traditional fish and chips.

More about this place: The Red Door Tea Room.

Soon You will find out more about Northern Ireland. Make sure you are following me on Instagram and Facebook!


Eff 🙂

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