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Galway christmas market 2018

Hello guys! As we all know year 2020 was not the greatest and the best.. Recently we have found out that our favourite Christmas Market is cancelled… I am not going to lie, I was really excited to go there! This is why we have decided to stop being silly and just watched the photos from our last trip to remember how good it was!

Galway Christmas Market is one of the most popular markets in Ireland. If you are ever thinking – is it worth going there? The answer is YES! Also, if you can stay there overnight, even better. We had to go back home the same day but we regret we could not stay for a night.

Galway Christmas Market

Shopping: The market is a heaven for a Christmas shopping! You can find there everything: homemade wine, clothes or home decorations! This is the best way to do your shopping. You are getting something really nice and you support local businesses.

What to eat: Do not worry about getting hungry, do not book a table in restaurant, I can guarantee that you will eat more than you need on the market! This is a place where I discovered CORN DOG. Who knew this is sooo good??!

P.S. For those who do not know what is a corn dog, photo below 😀

Photo from Internet

What to drink? It is the same story as with the food. It does not matter if you are only a mulled win drinker or you can only get a hot chocolate because you are driver. You will find your delicious drink! It was the first time when I have tried mulled wine with rum and I loved it!

Attractions: Market is not only a place where you can find food and drinks. There is also a lot of amazing decorations and fun stuff such as a Santa’s train for the little ones and some fun park carousels for the older ones! You will not get bored there!


The city of Galway is so pretty and magical! We did not have a chance to stay longer but we have seen enough to know that it is worth to go back there!

Galway Christmas Market 2020

As you know this years market is cancelled but you can still support local businesses! They have created a website with links to all the shops and you can but those products online – Galway Christmas Market 2020.

I hope you liked this trip back to the past and I have encourage you to visit Galway and Galway Christmas Market in future! Let me know if you ever seen a Christmas Market and do you plan visiting any this year?


Eff 🙂

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