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Last minute Valentine’s gift ideas!

Hi all! Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and I am more than sure that some of us still have no gift! No worries! I am here to help You! Below You will find few ideas which can help You.

For Her

I know, we are not easy to live with.. But we love you.. Most of the girls would kill You if they’ll realise that You forgot to organise something for Valentine’s day. But hey! You don’t have to say anything 😉

  1. Flowers – everybody loves flowers, especially beautiful Roses in the box./ 2. Lingerie or Sleepwear – go for it only if you know the size and what she likes!/ 3. Perfume – it is good as flowers and tricky as sleepwear – buy it only if you know her taste/ 4. Engraved jewellery – It is nice touch, it shows that you are really thinking about this person/ 5. Chocolate telegram – my favourite, we all love sweets and this is really nice way to how love/ 6. Something new, something different – Balloon Post, which can help you if you are not able to meet that person on Valentine’s day.

For Him

I think we have much easier job! Guys are not paying that much attention to details! But it is nice to buy something what they like. I am more than sure that they’ve mentioned few times, that they need something. 🙂

  1. Grooming set for his beard/ 2. Funny t-shirt – it doesn’t have to be serious/ 3. Perfume – nice but remember, different people – different taste!/ 4. Wooden watch – very popular lately, they’ re nice and smart, I think that every watch lover would be happy with gift like this/ 5. Superman mug – to show his power ;)/ 6. Phone cover with some space for cards.

For Couples

Some of us instead of buying separate gifts, prefer to spend time together. And this is very good idea!

  • Weekend in Paris or Amsterdam? – Thanks to cheap flight we can find really nice deal for a weekend somewhere in Europe. For a nice deals, check – Sky.
  • Cinema? – I’ve heard that few, nice movies are now in the cinemas. Don’t forget to check them out 🙂
  • Massage, escape room, wine tasting – this and more you can find on Groupon .
  • Nice dinner – I believe it’s hard to find a table in your favourite restaurant. Just buy bottle of your favourite wine, cook some pasta and voila! Perfect dinner for two 😉

I hope You gonna have an amazing day! Kisses, Eff 🙂

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