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Last month – July!

Hi guys! I am more than happy to be back with my series: Last month! There is so many things happening lately which I would like to talk to you about.. You can’t even imagine 😀

Let’s start with the last weekend of June, as this was something totally new for me, a little bit extreme I would say 😀 Kamil belongs to group where people are obsessed with their motorbikes – obviously he is 😀 And they have prepared little camping. We went there but we were sleeping in our car, we definitely weren’t ready to sleep in the tent. It was a great experience, but I am not sure if I will repeat that 😀

Barbecue with friends in amazing place – yes, please! Rathbeggan Lakes is a great place to spend a day outside. I think I may do a post about this place because I’ve done a lot of pictures – obviously 😀

This month I’ve visited three places to try their food. First we tried the breakfast menu in Room 8 – amazing, even better than the pancakes! Then I took my friend Kornelija to show her the Italian Restaurant in Navan and on the end, me and Kamil had a little date in great place in town, called Brasserie 66. I am still making a list of places which are worth to visit, I just need bit more time 🙂

What the boys loves? Football.. Kamil spent whole Sunday playing the FIFA Tournament (which we won ;)) and we, as a girls went for little trip to Johnnie Fox’s Pub in the mountains.

On Monday, we have spent our day on the beach. I know, bit unusual but we couldn’t waste that beaitufl weather! Post from that trip is already waiting for you. – Brittas Bay beach.

Last week of the month was crazy but I’ve done a lot of pictures of our friends and obviously Kamil and his bike. I am preparing my new page where you will see more of my work 🙂

That is it. I mean.. there was way more than this but I don’t think you would be interested to read about it. As you can see July was extremely busy and I am gonna tell you now – August will be even worse! Can’t wait for that! Don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram – Efffmylife 🙂

Let me know how was your July and if you have any plans for next month!

Kisses, Eff 🙂

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