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Last year was busy, crazy, excited .. Last year was amazing.. 
Last year probably has changed all my life. Why ? Just because.

Long time I couldn’t decide what exactly I want from that life. I wanted by happy as all of the people. But I was just waiting, I didn’t do anything to change my current life. I had job, but I was working there only because of the contact which I had with kids, I was dating some guys only because it was easy – no real relationships – no problems. I was so lazy! I had problem even with writing posts on blog or meeting my friends.

Then something has changed.
I met one person.
I wanted to do something to change my life.
I started doing something.
And now ?
Now I am happy.
My life is better, finally I can say : I enjoy every single day of my life.
I am making my dreams come true.
I am planning holidays which gonna be on the end of the year.
I am still smiling…Even if I am not, trust me .. I am happy 🙂

I hope you are happy as well! If you aren’t, tell me why?! I will tell you what I did, what changed my life exactly! Listen.

I met someone. He was different. He sounds like typically teenager. I didn’t want to even talk to him. Now he is my favourite person. Why? How this is happened?! I don’t know. We went for coffee, and after one meeting – ONE MEETING – I knew that he is mine. He has to be mine 😀
I have to say that – If I won’t meet him by accident .. we would never be together. I am so happy that I went for a match Poland – Ireland last year and happy that he was so annoying person 😀 Because of that, because of him I am the most happy person ever.
He is my best friend, my soulmate, my husband, my hero and person which I want to spent the rest of my life with. I know.. We are together just 1 year. But sometimes you know, you just know that He is the one 😉
Because of him I am still here ;))I started changing my life.
*First I’ve made tattoo. Not one.. Two, them another one and another .. And now I have all sleeve. Am I happy with that? Of course! I know what are you thinking now.. Girl with tattoo? All sleeve? How it is gonna look when she will be old, etc. I don’t care about it. This is my body and I love it. Really.. I am still watching this in the mirror. And want more.. This is more horrible than cigarettes or alcohol .. 😀
*I’ve changed my work. I loved kids which I was working with. But that was all. I had too much things. I felt that I am just tired being not nanny, but mum, dad, friend and everything. And now? I am still nanny and of course sometimes I would love to close ‚my kids’ in the locker and let them go out after few days.. But I love them, and they love me as well (They told me that few days ago :D) so I am happy with them. And I hope I will stay with them longer than I think 😉
*I moved to my boyfriend’s house. Is so good feeling to have your own bathroom or bedroom. You can do whatever you want, you can decorate as you want.. Amazing feeling 🙂
*I started enjoy every single day, every single thing. usually I was waiting for something big. The smalls one weren’t enough for me. Now I am happy when I have a fresh flowers in our bedroom or when I share new post on the blog. I really believe that the small things makes us feel happy 🙂

Why am I talking about that?
Today is a big day.
Our first anniversary. One year together.
I know that after this year everything is going to be more serious but honestly? Everything is really serious already.. 🙂

That’s all I think. I am going to celebrate that day and I wish you Good Night and great weekend.
Tomorrow Friday guys!
Eff 🙂

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