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London in 12 hours – was it worth it?

Hi guys,

Today I wanna share with you a little bit about our trip To London. I know You had to wait for it, but it was worth it. Trust me 😉

At least once a week I have an idea to go somewhere – London, Paris, Gdańsk, Rome.. And every time Kamil is saying no – We can’t, we don’t have a time, we are going to Poland and Spain this year..

But when I told him I can get pretty cheap tickets to go to London for one day, he was happy. I mean not like really happy, but he seemed to be interested. So I did.. I bought the tickets, I booked the bus, and we started planning our little trip to London. 🙂

Our plan was very simple – go to London and enjoy. We wanted to see few places, but there was no rush, no pressure. Our biggest worry was the weather. Unfortunately the forecast wasn’t really good so we were expecting big rain and strong wind..

Just before we start this journey, I want to tell You that this was first time in London for Kamil. I have been there 2 years ago. I will link below my last post about it. 🙂

Our day started in the bus. We didn’t wanted to leave our car in the car park so we took the bus from Navan to the airport. It wasn’t the best idea. Trip to the airport was okay, but the coming back home was like a way to hell..

Dublin said goodbye to us in such a beautiful way, we know that we are just about to miss the great weather day. We were hope that maybe London would be the same but we couldn’t be more wrong.. 😉

After a landing we put our jackets on and we started to looking for our bus. We took the EASYBUS to get to London. Trip was long but very comfortable. We had an extra few minutes to take a nap 😉

The biggest disappointment of the day happened to us, before we even left our bus – Big Ben under renovation – you couldn’t see even a piece of it. I haven’t know about it and I have to say it – I was really disappointment.

But, we tried to keep our good mood. Below little trail of our day – you can’t say that we wasted a time 😉

Our first stop – Buckingham Palace. Beautiful and stunning. But as always – no matter how cold and rainy is – there is always a hundreds of people – where are they coming from?!

Next stop – Admiralty House and the gate of the way to the Buckingham Palace – Admiralty Arch.

Next we went to see the Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey. Both building are amazing! All these details. I can’t believe how incredible it is. And .. I didn’t see that hen I was there for my first time 🙂

After that, we crossed the bridge and we had a chance too see all the buildings from the other side. Of course, covered Big Ben wasn’t looking really well, but the rest was okay 😉

We visited a great shop – best for Shrek’s fans – Shrek Adventures.

Our next stop – Underbelly Festival. Looks incredible! I really regret that the weather wasn’t bit better so we could enjoy a little but more time there.

After that we start heading our main destination – Kings Cross Station, where we wanted to se the 9 3/4 Platform and the Harry Potter shop. Place is great, looks like a movie but .. The queue to the picture – wooow! We would have to wait around 1,5 hours to make a shot so we decided to do a quick shopping and just skip this.

If you are a really big fan of The Harry Potter – prepare a lot of money. You can get anything here, but the prices are pretty high. We bought the jelly beans and some of them were really awful.. But I do recommend to try them! 😀

Our next stop – M&M’s World and China Town. The M&M’s shop was very crowded. All the people were hiding because the weather got bit worse. We spent there few minutes and we went too see the famous China Town.

China Town I have to say – I love this place. It is great.. I just love the way how it is. Kamil choose one place for a lunch. I wasn’t really sure if this is a good idea but he was right. The food was cheap and really delicious. Really good place!

After that we went to see Picadilly Circus and few more places which I saw on Instagram. We end up our walk in small pub on the front of the bus station.

We were exhausted .. We made around 33 km by walk that day, so I am not surprised that I couldn’t feel my feet 😀

If You want to ask me – was it worth it to go to London for one day? Yes, it was. It was crazy day, but I don’t regret any minute! We could spent that day lying in the bed and watching tv. But we chose to see new place. It was really good idea! I do recommend that kind of small trip to everyone! 🙂

Let me know guys if you like post like this! Would You like more short trips around Europe? 🙂 I wanna know! :*
















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