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Say Hi to Manchester! 😉

It’s 4th of September! Holiday is over! It’s time for school! The weather isn’t really good as well so I think it is a great time to have a look to our memories from holidays!

Today it will be something new on my blog! New series with post from my short trips! This is something what I was waiting for: short, cheap, interesting trips!

I know that there is a lot of things to see in Ireland but in August I went to two cities in UK and I will write about them in following posts. For every single trip and city I will be preparing two post. One about some travel tips and second one will be all about pictures! You know how I love pictures.. 😉

Okay, no more talking, let’s start exploring! 🙂


Why Manchester? Cause the tickets were really cheap.. Cause I got two days in the middle of the week.. The truth is that I had two days off and no idea where I can go.. I just wanted to spent as less money as I can 🙂


This was easy for me, cause the tickets to UK are really cheap. I had a special date and a lot of directions to choose. I choose Manchester cause the tickets were cheap and the flight were in a really fine hours. The very important this was that I was travelling in the middle of the week. Because of that the prices were lowers than during the weekend. I was travelling with Ryanair, below you can see some prices.


Airport in Manchester is pretty small and it is really hard to lost yourself there. There is a lot sings and a lot of people ready to help you!


During my trip the transport from and to the airport was one of the most important thing. I wanted to find short and cheap way to get there. And this is what I found in Manchester. You can choose taxi, car, bus and train. The last one will take you everywhere in Manchester and beyond.. The train station is around 10 min. by walk from airport and it is really easy to find it.

There are 3 ways to get the train ticket:

  • You can buy in Tickets Desks (very long queue),
  • You can buy in Tickets Machines (still very long queue),
  • You can buy it online!

I bought the tickets online and I save my time and some money. For the tickets I paid £7.90. On the station is really easy to find a right train. The travel time is really nice and comfortable. The trains are new, have air conditioner and power outlets so You can charge your phone! Really good and helpful.

I picked up the Piccadilly Station in Manchester because it is in city center and it is really easy to find it. Station is big and You have to watch where are you going. There is a lot of sings but a lot of people as well. Big advantage for a people which are working there. They are extremely helpful!


The only one which I was using that was the train Airport-Manchester. I was walking through the city but I saw a lot of buses and Metrolink-s ( mix buses and trains)


First I was planning to stay in Manchester for 2 days, and spend one night in hotel. But finally I changed my mind and I spent there just one day. So I can not really recommend any of the hotels, but I can tell you just one thing. Keep looking for a hotel in the city center, best location: around Piccadilly Station. It will be always really easy ti find.


There is a lot of places in Manchester which You should see! I recommend to make  a ‘to do list’ with places which You wanna visit. I forgot about it and because of that I missed some of them.. Most of the attractions are free, but they suggest to donate around £3. Remember to check if dome places aren’t open just few hours like Chethnam’s Library!


A lot of people don’t want to travel to UK because of pounds. I heard a lot of time that it doesn’t make sense to change money etc. But last days pound is really cheap so there is no difference between pound and euro. Prices in Manchester aren’t really high. I know if you will go to super popular pub or restaurant they will be higher.. But there is a lot of shops for £1 where you can find snack for about £1-£5. If you are going to Manchester for shopping, it is really worth it. I didn’t buy any of the things which I found and now I regret..

Some snack from China shop!

This is how I was supporting Kamil! 😉


Manchester is a really great place for short trip! Remember to check the weather.. I was really lucky and I had a beautiful, sunny day but who know what could happens…;) If you wanna save some time and money don’t forget to book tickets, hotel and check the attractions earlier.. It would make your trip easier 😉

In few days I will show you some pictures from Manchester and them! Another place! Can You guess what city in UK I visited?;) If you have my questions, feel free to write here or on my email!


Eff 😉

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