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Hello from cold Ireland!!
A little bit of late, but just few days! Today new post: Photo mix of the month.
That was great, long and busy month. We almost finished our tattoos, we were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and I was in Poland. A lot of things, right?
So.. No more talking, let’s watch what really happened!  🙂
* I’ve got my tattoo!
Finally I am finished my tattoo. I am so happy! My arm looks beautiful. And I am really proud of myself that I did this. Of course I will tell you everything about my tattoos soon 🙂
* St. Patrick’s Day we spent with our friends in city center.
I have to say that even if we had a problem to find a place to have a drink we spent really good time. As always 😉
* This year we went for Bay Prawn Festival in Howth, again 😉
But this time wasn’t so good like last year. But even that. We had a lot of fun, we made a lot of pictures and we ate amazing lunch 😉
* Kamil has finished half of his tattoo as well. I know, some people thinks we are crazy.
But honestly, Who cares about that? We have tattoos, not you so if you don’t like, don’t look at this. We love it!
* Our lunches. You know what is the best during the weekend? When we are going for a lunch, dinner or sth to the restaurant or somewhere..
Of course I love eating at home, but it is sth different, when we are outside. We are feeling like on the date <3
* Poland.. I spent in Poland four days, and even I was afraid about that time, I spent there great days.
I met my family, my friends.. I would love to go there again, with Kamil 😉
* Couple selfie.. Of course we have a lot of selfies, but its only because I love our pictures 😉
* And on the end my selfies. I have to remind you, how am I looks like 😀
I love my new hair haha and because of that I am making so many photos.. It’s just because of hair 😉
It’s all.. That’s was March.. Now it’s time for another month and some adventures. I hope you will enjoy this time as I do.
See you soon!

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