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Hello guys! Today’s post is a little reminder of our May weekend away.

Bank holiday weekend is a great time when you can just pack your car and go away for the weekend. We did this, but we also took our friends. We have rented amazing house in the middle of nowhere and we went away to get some rest.

This post is not going to be a book of useful information, it is not going to be our daily diary because we went away to get some rest, we have not got even too many photos, although I regret now not taking a camera because the views – OMG! Have a look for yourself.

Lakeview House

We rented the house through the I am leaving the link below. This house will sleep 8 people. There is 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, kitchen with dining area, laundry room and two living rooms. The house is huge and so nice finished. It looks like a new house.

Outside you will find a great place to have a barbeque, to play on the grass, there is also a small gym in the garage.

But the best – lake on the other side of road. We thought that it looked great during the day, but the view we have got during the sunset – we could not believe, it was amazing.

Here is the link to the house: Lakeview `House, Catlefore

What to do

I am not going to lie, this place is pretty quiet and there is not much to do around. Unless you like fishing of course 😉

On Sunday we went for a walk and we found horses which were super friendly and looks like they were happy to have us around 🙂

I would recommend this place if you are looking for rest, some quality time with friends. We definitely enjoyed it and we know we will go back there soon!

Travelling with Coco

I have been asked recently if we are bringing Coco everywhere and that if our friends have any problem with her. So… we are taking Coco anywhere we can, anywhere we know she will be alright. Of course she went away for weekend with us, she is the best travel company and we would not leave her alone at home for three days. As to our fiends – thankfully we have amazing friends and they treat Coco as part of our family 🙂

This is all for today, this post was shorter than usually because I just wanted to show you this place . I have couple of posts which I hope you will enjoy. As you know we are planning a wedding so get redy for some wedding related stuff because it will be coming soon 🙂

Kisses, Eff!

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