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Maybe we should visit Milan?

That question was in my head for few days till I finally booked our tickets. Cause why not? Let me tell You a story about our love to Milan!


Plan was very simple – have fun! We knew that we are not going to have a rest as we love walking and exploring, but we really needed a little break. There was few ideas in our head. But we were thinking about Italy for a while, so we decided that now it’s a good time to go and see Milan.


We found really good tickets with the Ryanair. We were in Milan on Saturday morning, and the flight back home was around 9 PM from Milan. Thanks to that we had almost full two days to enjoy 🙂

Bus airport – Milan:  

We’ve heard that it is really busy and sometimes is hard to get a tickets- It is not. On the airport there are drivers looking for a customers, so believe me you won’t have any problem to find a bus. On the way back I can suggest to go on your bus stop few minutes earlier, as there may be a lot of people waiting for a transfer. We were waiting only 15  minutes.

The tickets are not expensive. One way ticket – 5e. If You will buy the return ticket – 9e. You can get it online, in few shops in Milan, but also you can get it in the bus, so no worries.

In Milan You have few options: bus, tram and metro. We chose the last last one, and that was very good idea – very quick and comfortable. But! A lot of people also recommended the historical tram – yellow line.


As usually, I wanted to check the hotels on the website, but the prices were way to high so I’ve decided to try Airbnb. That was the best idea ever. For very good prize we’ve got a little apartment near to the Central Station. Viviana was very helpful, no problem with check in/ check out. In the apartment we had a huge, comfortable bed, tv, small kitchen with some drinks / coffee / breakfast and bathroom. I found this place perfect for two people. I can really recommend this if you are planning to visit Milan! If You are interested to rent this, please see link – Viviana’s place. 


We’ve heard that Milan is super expensive, so we’re prepared for that. But I have to say that we were nicely surprised. The prices weren’t that bad. Some of them you can see below:

  • water – 1e
  • ticket for metro – 1,8e
  • hot dog in OD (btw – don’t forget to check that store, when you are in Milan! I was in heaven!) – 1e
  • glass of wine around Cathedra – 6e
  • 1l bottle of wine around the Navigli – 12e,
  • cigarettes – from around 5e
  • famous Limoncello – from around 5 e.


During our trip we visited two restaurants. Both places were really good and we really enjoyed the food.

Pianeta Luna 

Nice food, really good Aperol.. It was goods place but.. nothing special 😉

La Magolfa 

Incredible place! We both really loved it! Amazing foods, great wine, super nice people – we can’t wait to visit that place again!


You may ask me: Have you been in the Cathedra? Have You seen the famous painting? No.. We really enjoyed time in Milan, because we didn’t have a plan! For the first time in my life. I have to admit – I am happy with that. The weather wasn’t perfect and because of that we were changing plans all the time. I had a great fun and I wouldn’t change anything.. Oh no.. Maybe I would eat more sweets and have some more Spritz 😀

We fell in love with Italy and we can’t wait to go back there! Hopefully next year! If You have any recommendation, please leave a comment!

Milan by day.. 

At night… 

Below a lot of Italian photos! I hope You will enjoy! I have to plan another small trip, would You guess where am I going? I can only say: This is going to be a Christmas madness! 😀 

Beautiful place – Navigli

Have a lovely week, Eff 🙂 


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