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My eBook #InstaIreland / The most Magical place in Wicklow Mountains

Good morning on Sunday!

Today is a first time when I am mentioning my eBook on my blog but you do have to understand that it is not an easy process! I am fully aware what I am doing and I want to do it perfectly! I am constantly worried what is going to happen, what can go wrong…. But I have said A, now it is time to say B!

This post has two parts. The first is about the eBook. A little bit information, reason why I am doing it, when can You expect it. The second part is an information how to find the most magical place in Wicklow Mountains!

Let’s get started!


I have got the idea about eBook over 1,5 years ago when I found out that if you want to find a special place in Ireland you have to search for it in all over the Instagram. There is no book, no publication where you can find something else than typical touristic places!

So I have decided to create an eBook where you will find TOP places in Ireland. Places which we have seen on Instagram, which makes you think: I want to go there right now!

In the eBook you will find information how to get to these places, when is the best time to go there, how to make a perfect photo and where to stay overnight! I would love more people to discover beauty of Ireland and come to see more than just the Cliffs of Moher (which are ABSOLUTELY AMZAZING)!

We wanted to publish the book around February 2021 but virus made us stay at home almost year so we have to change the date and right now we are talking about something around September 2021. I do not want to rush into anything, I want to give you perfect book!

We do not know the price yet I can promise that it will be reasonable and book will be written in English.

Now, that is all what I am going to tell you about #InstaIreland, now it is time for the most magical place in Wicklow Mountains.

Ballinastoe woods

It took us a while to find this place. Everybody knows about it but nobody wants you to know the location. Or want you to find it on your own! We definitely had a few misses but we found it, and it was worth it!

Ballinastoe woods is one the most popular places in Wicklow Mountains but it went viral when one of the Irish Photographer posted it on his social media! Suddenly everybody wanted to know where it is!

Ballinastoe woods is a trail in the forest. It could be very slippery so you have to be careful when you are walking there and take a proper clothes. I made a mistake taking my white runners..

If you want to take a pictures there, depending on what mood are you going into I would recommend a sunny day or straight after rain. Atmosphere there is amazing!

If you want to find the easiest way to get there, look on Google Maps for Ballinastoe Car Park (53.1026687, -6.2544813) and follow the trail. You will find the “entrance” to the forest on the left!

We really enjoyed our walk but we did not have a lot of time so if you are going there I would recommend make sure to take time, it is really worth it!

If you are plainning to visit Ballinastoe Woods, let me know and make sure to tag me on your photos!


Eff 🙂

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