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Organique cosmetics – Sea essence collections

Hi guys!

Today a new post, about some great cosmetics. It should be here a long time ago, but .. I had always something more interesting, more important. I just forgot about it.

So, today we will talk about amazing products from Orgqnique. I heard about them a lot of times. I saw them on some popular blogger’s pages, I saw that my friends using them as well. I wanted to buy them for a long time, but unfortunately they don’t have a shop in Ireland. And they don’t do shipping to Ireland. That made my feel sad, and I decided to just skip this and buy something different.

But one day, one of my favorite bloggers – WhatAnnawears, made a competition. You could wins a holiday in Bali. You just had to buy some products from Sea Essence collections and make a nice picture. Thanks to my friends I got those cosmetics, and I made a picture. Exactly this one which You can see one the begging of post. i didn’t win but I am really happy that I purchased them, cause now I know how good they are.

Below some information and pictures!


Sea Essence – Detox Therapy

To helped our stressed and contaminated skin, The Organique has developed the Sea Essence Detoxifying Therapy formula. The inspiration for its creation was a huge wealth of active ingredients that we could draw from the depths of the seas, oceans and coastal areas, namely Alg Wakame extracts, red algae, sea gulls and sea turtles. Refreshing fragrance does not contain allergens and is recommended for both men and women. Actions: deeply cleanses, refreshes, it alleviates the effects of unfavorable environmental factors: free radicals, UV rays, impurities, moisturizes and nourishes. We can found mainly 3 products: Body Cream, Body Salt Peeling, Shower gel. The have as well Handmade soap and bath bomb in collection. 

Step 1 – Revitalizing Body Salt Peeling – information

Salt crystals and algae particles effectively remove rough epidermis. Extracts of marine origin protect the skin and care for it; vitamin E has strong anti-ageing effects. Its light, gelled formula rinses easily and does not leave an oily film. After its use, the skin is soft, fresh, and perfectly prepared for the application of other cosmetics. Using the complete detox therapy (peeling, shower gel and body cream) provides the best effects.

I love all peelings so I knew I am going to buy this one. It helped a lot for my tired skin. It is nice peeling. It would’t irritate your skin.

Step 2 – Detoxifying Shower Gel – information 

Its formula, based on mild, natural washing ingredients, cleanses skin in an effective yet mild way. Extracts of marine origin refresh, protect the skin and care for it; vitamin E has strong anti-ageing effects. Using the complete detox therapy (peeling, shower gel and body cream) provides the best effects. 

In this formula, you can find small blue balls. The texture is very smooth and nice. Shower gel will make your skin nice and smooth. It smell fantastic as well! I would recommend to buy the soap as well – it’s handmade and it great!

Step 3 – Revitalizing Body Cream – information

When used systematically, its specially selected active ingredients provide the demanding skin with a comprehensive care, restore its glow and healthy look. The cream absorbs quickly, does not burden the skin, and leaves a refreshing, energetic scent. Using the complete detox therapy (peeling, shower gel and body cream) provides the best effects. 

I am not a fan of Body cream so I didn’t buy this product.

Step 4 – Nourishing Bath Bomb – information 

Nutritional soybean and grapeseed oils, smooth, regenerate and nourish. Natural starch softens the skin and soothes irritation. After the bath, the skin is delicate with fragrant protective film.

I just love this Bath Bomb. i think it is even bit better than the LUSH bombs 😀 Just half of the ball needed for one bath. After few second you can take amazing bomb in blue, beautiful smell water. After your skin is nice and smooth. I can’t say anything bad about this product.

As You can see I really like those products. Now I would like to try more of Organique cosmetics. I can really recommend them. You should try them on! Below link to the shop and some pictures.



Let me know if you know about Organique and if You can recommend any nice cosmetics.

Have a great day,


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