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Hello guys! It is hard to believe that we have a September already! I mean how did that happen..

Today’s post is a little bit of throwback to the summer months. We had a lot of work and I am not going to lie, I barely had a time to write. `It was hard to focus and wrote something what was actually good. So here it is, a quick summary of our summer!

I hope you will enjoy it! 🙂


We have started June by visiting one of the places discovered by `Kamil – Clogherhead Cliffs. I have to say, I was really impressed. Great cliffs, little port, delicious fish – all this only 40 mins away form home!

We really enjoyed visit the cliffs, we went there again a week later with our friends. We do recommend visiting this place when it is sunny. A perfect location to catch the sun and eat delicious ice cream.

The following weekend we have celebrated Rita’s Baby Shower, it is fun to talk about this now once Hugo is here but yeah, it was a great time and thankfully weather was amazing!

Next weekend we went to one of our favourite places with Coco – Hills of Tara and then we had a guests for little barbecue.

Last weekend of the month was also busy as we finally got a chance to visit the famous Killarney Hills and then we went to get some food in our favourite Bray!


I am not going to lie, we did not have a too much of a free time in July. The only fun thing we did was going for a football tournament to Ballina Co. `Mayo. The weather was not too great but we still had a chance to see Belleek Castle. Really nice place!


Finally, August… We have waited for this holidays for the last 1,5 years. We have not told too many people as we were afraid that something will not work out so people were surprised seeing our photos from Greece! It was amazing! I am preparing two posts in which you will find a lot of beautiful photos but also lots of useful informations! Stay tuned!

Rest of the month was pretty much all about coming back to normal life, organising house. We have managed to organise last summer barbecue and we are ready for Autumn!


As you can see our summer time was not too exciting but still better than last year! And we went to Greece! We cannot complain 🙂

How was your summer, have you done anything interesting? Have you seen any cool places?

Till the next one, Eff 🙂

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