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New post with short story about July 2016! I know it’s a little bit late but I have a lot things to do and I am busy all the time! 😉


This months started in Barcelona, cause the 1st of July we were at our last day in Barcelona. That was short but amazing holiday, more about it here: Barcelona 2016!


We are still trying to be more fit and more slim.. It is not really easy job.. 🙂


I am still looking for a dress for wedding. And I still don’t have anything.. It is really annoying 😀 


So having a diet is like a punishment for me..  But I am trying to eat healthy and yummy so… we’ll see


Last days I have a lot of work and totally no energy. It is hard to go to eat something in town, going to the cinema.. I need break! But i don’t want to spend all my time at home so I am trying to spend time with Kamil and friends.. As much as I can 😉

This is it. This is how my JULY 2016 looks like! Now it is time for August.. And I have to say: This is going to be a crazy month! Me and Kamil will be travelling, but not together. It will be something new for us 😉 If you are interested were are we going, make sure you follow us on Instagram and Snapchat! 🙂

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