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Happy Halloween guys!

Today 31st of October so whole Ireland is celebrating the Halloween! We had our party earlier so today I have a time to write something for you 🙂

This month started really sad cause I had to say goodbye to Aneta, my real soulmate!! 🙂 Ahe loves travels, wine, food, pictures.. I can’t wait till she be back!! 🙂 You can followe her here: Aneta’s blog.

One week later we were celebrating ’18th’ birthday of Kris. It was a really great evening 🙂

In October we went to Poland for Justyna and Lukasz’s wedding! More about it in previous post 🙂

I spent lonely week which gives me a lot of time to tidy up our bedroom, and think a little bit about my future 🙂

Last week of October we spent preparing everything for Halloween! More days like this one!! 🙂

Today we went for a trip. The weather was beautiful, sunny and warm! More about this soon! 🙂

That’s all! Below some pictures from my phone!

I hope your month was as good as mine! It’s all about feeling good :)I wish you a great night!!

See you soon!

Eff 🙂









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