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PORTUGAL 2017! – part I


Finally post about Portugal! I was really avoiding this cause I knew how much work I have.. The worst thing: picking which pictures should I post.. 🙂 Because I ahve them a lot, I have two post. One part today, and the second one in next few days. I hope you will enjoy that!

Take a seat, have a cup of coffee and let’s started! 🙂


We came to Portugal at evening time. Błażej and Ania were supposed to join us next morning so we went for a dinner and small trip around Quarteira. This night we just fell in love with small Italian restaurant 🙂


On Saturday we had a really lazy day. We went on the beach, we were lying, swimming, having a good time. This all what we needed after long week of work 🙂


On Sunday we went for small trip. We saw a market in Quarteira, Port in Vilamoura and some beaches around this places. The funny this was shop with sardines. All shop filled with cans of sardines. That was pretty funny and weird 😀


The next day we went to Albufeira. That was a really great city! A lot of beautiful, hidden beaches and cool places. I wish we could spent more time there 🙂

The same evening we had a dinner in our city, Quarteira. We had a delicious dinner and we saw beautiful sunset on the beach!


On Tuesday we went to Faro, then we took the ferry to Ilha Desertas island. I think Faro is small but really beautiful city. Rally worth to see it. And the Island.. It was like a desert.. 😀 One restaurant, one lighthouse, few sunbeds, ocean.. Pretty empty but really, really nice 😉


That’s all for today. In next few days, next part of our holiday! You should come back 🙂

I wish you a great day!


Eff 🙂

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