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PORTUGAL 2017! – part II.

Hi Guys!

Today second part our holiday in Portugal! If You want to know which AquaPark is the best and how we almost missed our plane.. Stay and read! Enjoy! 🙂


On Wednesday we were taking a rest. After two days of exploring Portugal we needed to charge our batteries. We made a small shopping, we took a little nap, and then we had a dinner in Quarteria. This day we have a first chance to try Brazilian coconuts.. The were awful.. Never again ;x


On Thursday, me and Kamil went for a little walk to Vilamoura. It was nice and relaxing walk. We forgot about the time and all stressful situations. Later that day we went with Ania and Blazej for a lunch. Rest of the day we spent in beach bars.. Don’t get me wrong. We didn’t waste our day. Those places were so cool, and the sun was so hot.. We just couldn’t move out of this place 😀


Friday was probably the best day of our holiday! Me and Kamil went to the coolest AquaPark ever: AquaShow Park Quarteira. If you will be in Portugal and you wouldn’t know which you should choose: We really recommend this one! Every single person will find something. Heated pools for kids, a lot of slides, roller coaster and much more. I would recommend to buy tickets online so You wont’s spent time waiting in the queue 🙂


The first day of July and almost last day of our holiday we spent exploring Portugal. We rent a car and went to see more places. We saw Benagil, Lagos and Sagres. I don’t know which place was the best. I love the caves in Benagil, I loved the beaches and Lagos, and that amazing sunset with The Light House in Sagres.. All those places were incredibly beautiful! I really didn’t wanted to go home that time 🙂


On Suday was our last day in Portugal. We thought we have a lot of time, so we went for the shopping, we had a really nice breakfast..

Around 12 we started looking for a lift to the airport and.. there we go. Our UBER app didn’t work, the buses were totally busy, and we had no chances to get to the airport. The last hope was a TAXI. We were afraid that we would have to pay a lot of money, but fortunately the TAXI driver was really nice, and we get to the airport at the time. We were tired and little nervous, but we weren’t late.. 🙂

Rest of our way to home was nice and quiet. Finally this day we went to sleep in our own bed 🙂

That’s all!

I hope you enjoyed all post about Portugal! In few days more news from Ireland so.. don;t forget to follow me on my social media accounts!

See you soon,

Eff 🙂


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