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Hello! Today I am saying hi from Ireland with pictures from Portugal! I bring you some sun and nice views and I would like to share this with you! 

Today I am gonna writes tips about holiday in Portugal. I hope it will help you to plan your next holiday! Let’s start. 


In Portugal we can find few airports but we were landing in Faro cause we were spending our holiday in Algarve. During the year tickets are pretty cheap but because we decided very late, we had to buy a tickets with stopovers in U.K. It wasn’t actually really bad thing 😉 


Faro airport is due to renovations in some places but it is still very easy to find the any out. There is a lot of signs, it is really hard to get lost 😀 


If you didn’t decide to rent a car at the airport there is still four different options: public transport, shared buses, private transfer of uber/taxi. We chooses the private transfer with YellowFish, which I actually recommend a lot!!  Thanks to our driver which helped us find a way to our apartment!  If you wanna choose between UBER, and TAXI, I will choose UBER cause the TAXI drivers are not really honest and they are definitely more expensive.


Again, you have few options. I think ten best idea is to rent a car or a scooter. The prices are low,  car parks are free. But If You don’t want to do it, it is very comfortable to use the public transport. The best is Bus Company EVA. The tickets are cheap. There is a lot of connections. You will find something for yourself for sure.


I saw a lot of hotels, apart hotels, holiday homes, but finally we decided to rent a apartment. On the AirBnb website we found a great flat,very close to the ocean. Below I will post some pictures, If you will be interested by more details, send me a message 🙂 If think this is the best idea to rent an apartment instead of hotel. I mean, yes, there is nobody to clean your floor or bring you breakfast to your bed, but you can feel much more comfortable having whole apartment just for yourself 🙂  

Actually I got breakfast to bed.. 😉


In Portugal everything is beautiful, everything is worth too see! I think all the places are magical: beaches, cities, islands, roads.. The places which be visited: Albufeira,  Benagil, Faro, Lagos, Sagres, Quarteira, Vilamoura. We did go to the AquaShow Park and … you have to go there! This iż definitely the best place ever! 🙂 


Portugal is very cheap. The best shops to do a grocery shoppings are: Pingo Doce, Continente, Lidl. There you can find a lot of stuff in really low prices. In those shops I would recommend to buy an alcohol too. Prices are super low 😀 

Food prices: 

  • water 0,5l – 0,20€ 
  • butter – 0,80€ 
  • watermelon – 0,89€
  • milk – 0,65€ 
  • wine – from 0,89€ 

Prices in restaurant are not really high too. We liked a lot one of the Italian restaurants where price were really low:

  • garlic bread – 2,50€
  • spaghetti – 8€
  • pizza – 8€ 
  • 0,5l Wine Sangria – 4€ 


You have to go to Portugal! This country is beautiful and I can guarantee that You will spend amazing time there. Beach, ocean, water sports, sun, cheap wine, amazing food – heaven 😀 

More about is soon!! 


Eff ☺

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