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Quick trip to Poland!

On week ago I was in Poland, but now I am counting hours to see Kamil again.. How do you feel when your other half is away from you?? I feel horrible… I can’t sleep, I feel ’empty’.. And I am really, really grumpy.. 🙂

Yes. I am following Kamil’s flight 😉

Today I would like to tell you a little bit about my short holiday in Poland. Short, because I was there just 4 days.. The main reason was Justyna i Lukasz’s wedding. I wanted to stay longer but unfortunately I had to go back to work. I thought it will be easy.. Like, I am going home, I am going to sleep in my own bed etc.. But I was wrong. All the way home I was sad and I felt that my heart stayed in Poland with Kamil and the rest of the amazing people which I’ve met.

Gifts for Granny and Granddad 🙂

The wedding was beautiful!! Congratulations for the couple, cause they prepared amazing wedding in less than year! I was really impressed!

What about us/..

It was the hardest part of this event!! 😀 We both knows what do we want, but we couldn’t find it .. It was really hard to organize everything. The other thing was to find hairdresser, make up girl, car in Poland. It is easy to find something when toy are around, not in the Internet… But fortunately everything was perfect and I don’t really know why I was so stressed about it.. 😉 ]

As I said, my holiday were short but very intense.. But coming home time was awful… Ireland was dark and cold. Was windy and rainy, and I was alone.. I really tried to be super positve and think about nice things but it wasn’t easy at all.. 😉  But.. I am happy that is all behind me…. Below some pictures!

Enjoy! 😉


That’s all! I hope you liked that post! I am running to prepare a dinner for Kamil!! ;))

See you soon,

Eff! <3


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