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Thailand – Koh Lanta!

Hello guys, how are you? Today another stop in Thailand – paradise on Earth – Koh Lanta! Here you can really chill out, have a drink and stay on the beach until night without worrying about the world!

Koh Lanta surprised us a lot! It is a small island, you can visit all spots in few hours. You can find here pier, market, old town, few cool spots with food and A LOT of amazing views! We were talking (dreaming) that if we would get a chance to move to Thailand one day, Koh Lanta would be one of the first places we would consider as our new home!

The moment I stepped out of restaurant with Bob Marley’s vibe I knew this is paradise! Yellow, soft sand, blue water, amazing restaurants and delicious drinks!

We spent on Koh Lanta three days and we regretted we did not have more time to stay longer! What I have to say on the beginning – if you are booking a hotel close to the beach, do not bother for swimming pool, you will be on the beach all day long!

But lets start from the beggining!


It is hard to choose a hotel in Koh Lanta. You have to decide where do you want to stay. Close to Old Town? Close to the pier? With access to the National Park? Or maybe next to the Lanta Klong Nin Beach? There is a lot of places to choose from so choose wisely! We have chosen hotel somewhere in the middle: not too far from the pier but with access to great beach!


To get to Koh Lanta from Krabi we used a ferry. You can buy a ticket online, on the boat, in small shops on Ao Nang beach. We bought a ticket for a ferry with transport hotel – pier from KRABI JELLY (You can find them on Facebook) and this was the best decision ever! You do not have worry if you will get there in time or not, they organise everything! For the transport from ferry to our hotel we had organised pick up from the hotel but we had to get back there on our own. We booked a service day before. Now, I will tell you one thing, make sure you have a phone number for the transport and that you told them if you have a lot of baggage! It does really matter! Our transport was really late this morning but fortunately the girls from our hotel knew them, so they called them to make sure they will pick us up!


If you think about visiting multiple places on Koh Lanta and thinking about some kind of transportation, we would really recommend renting a scooter. Now, I know it is cool to have something new and shiny but I would suggest to take something a little bit older, something bit bumped. People are not really careful there (I mean Thai people and tourists) so there is a lot of possibility that somebody is going to hit your scooter. If you will take new, shiny you will worry about everything, if you take one which is a little bit used you will not have to worry. We took one which looked cool but was a little bit older. Do not worry about the petrol, you will buy a bottle everywhere: shops, petrol station, house next to the road. The prices is extra cheap = 1 litre is around 30BHT (€0.83).


On Koh Lanta we stayed in Phutara Lanta Resort and unfortunately we cannot recommend it. The apartment looks like on the pictures (size) but it was very old and dirty. The swimming pool were closing at 6 pm so even if you would like to jump in after being all day on the beach there was no chance for that (to compare most of the swimming pools in the hotel closes at 10 pm). This hotel was also more expensive than most of the ones which we have stayed in. We have booked this literally last minute so .. can’t complain too much 🙂


One day we have decided for a trip to Old Town and that was a definitely good decision! Old Town, restaurants, pier, food, views – everything was amazing! We stopped in one of the places – Rareview Coffee & Restaurant. We have amazing pancakes, got a cold beer and used their swing – we wished we could stay longer there!


To get to Bamboo Bay we left really early as did not wanted to get burned again! We burned our back and legs the day before so we had to be really careful. Our biggest fear was that we were going to meet monkeys! We have heard that on the south of the island they are really aggressive so I was terrified! Whenever I see one on the road I was screaming to Kamil to make sure he will speed up to get away! Thankfully the monkeys were probably too sleepy because they were not even looking in our way.

I have seen Bamboo Bay on pictures and in many YouTube videos. I knew we have to go and see this place! For some reason we were really surprised seeing empty beach.. It was as amazing as on the photos but it was TOTALLY empty, we felt like we were on a desert island! It was of course because we were there at around 8 am but it was good and strange in the same time. We recommend to visit this place but also, make sure to stop for a quick breakfast in one of the restaurants with the view on the beach. Kamil had there his favourite Pad Thaid, he keep talking about it until now.


On Koh Lanta Polish couple have their own restaurants where you will find a mix of European and Thai food – amazing! We had to visit them, and we did it twice, the food was incredible. If you ever in Koh Lanta make sure you will visit them too, you will not regret.


Food on Koh Lanta was amazing! We have eaten in many places and we were always happy! Just trust your guts 😀


Koh Lanta has a special place in our hearts. This is a place where we had a chance to lay down, relax, drink colourful drinks and listen music with other people watching the amazing sunset! I wish I could jump into a plane and go back there! We recommend Koh Lanta to everybody, I am more than sure that you will love this place!!!

P.S. If you are thinking about visiting the National Park and Khlong Chak Waterfall, talk to locals first. Thanks to them, we found out that at the time when we were in Thailand (February) there was no rain for months and waterfall simply did not existed. So before you drive there make sure it is worth it!

Next chapter: Phi Phi – paradise or commercial hell?

Kisses, Eff 🙂

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