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Hi guys! Finally after the break I am ready to post new content. It’s been a while but the virus has changed our lives and it was not easy to motivate myself to do anything more than normal stuff. But I am back with a lot of new content and a huge amount of photos!


Krabi was our second stop after Bangkok. We have chosen this place as our first stop in the south and from here we started our trips to other islands. I think Krabi is a great place to start with your trip. You will find here a connections to other islands. This is also very popular place and I think that if you have never been in Asia, if you have never been outside of Europe, Krabi will be a perfect place to start exploring Thailand.


The Airport is located around 15 min away from the city center. If your hotel did not organized a transport, then do not worry. Outside the airport you will find buses / minibuses/ private cars ready to drop you off to your place. We have printed name and address of our hotel from in English and Thai and we had no problem with getting to our hotel.


We stayed in Krabi (Ao Nang) we stayed four nights.

First three nights we spent in an amazing place called Phu Pha Aonang Resort & SPA. If you are planning to visit Krabi we highly recommend to stay in this place. Phu Pha is a resort of bungalows inside of mini jungle. You will find here swimming pool, spa, bar and restaurant. To be honest, you do not have to leave this place to feel like in paradise! I will do a seperate post about hotels in Thailand and will talk more about prices and etc.

Second place which I have hired for the day of Kamil’s birthday was a private villa with swimming pool – Jin Pool Villa. And again, we were so happy with the result. The villa is not in the city center so you do have have a transport organised. We have done our shopping earlier so we could just stay in the villa and chill out. In the villa you will find: two bedrooms, two bathrooms, huge living room with kitchen and swimming pool. The owner was very helpful and we really recommend this place if you want to stay away from the crowd and you want to have the swimming pool just for yourself! More about prices in the post about hotel in Thailand.


Krabi was a heaven if we are talking about food. We have tried food on night market, in McDonald’s – everything was perfect. I feel like this is a place for somebody who is afraid to start with Thai food as you can find a lot of European dishes also! Our favorite food was a padthai and spirngrolls from small place near our hotel and baked potato from night market!


In terms of shopping in Krabi you have a variate of choices. We bought most of our souvenirs on night market, small shopping done in 7/11 and bit bigger shopping for our villa stay we have done in TESCO.


So if you are thinking about visiting for example Railay Beach for one day, Krabi is a perfect place to do so. On the Ao Nang beach you will find a small shop where you will get a ticket for a long boat. They are there all days so you do not have to worry about the waiting time. Just make sure you will check what time is the last boat back to Krabi!

We have also traveled from Krabi to Koh Lanta and we used help of KRABI JELLY ( You can find him on Facebook) – he organised out boat and transport to the pier – we did not have to worry about anything!


We have found Krabi extremely beautiful. The mountains looking like made in Photoshop and the amazing sunsets – I could not believe how amazing this place was!


On our first day in Krabi we bought tickets to go to Railay Beach. The island look amazing: palm trees, blue water, mountains.. it could be a paradise but … the crowd there ruins everything! It was really hard to find a piece of land for yourself! I would not recommend staying there overnight but it is good to go there for a day trip. The ticket for a long boat costs 100BHT per one way per person, but if you buy a round way ticket it costs 150BHT per person.


On a Railay Beach you will find a cave which is called Phra Nang (Princess) Cave – it is a cave where you will find a lot statues in the form of male genitalia. If you want to know more about this place, I recommend to read this article. – Phra Nang (Princess) Cave.


We have heard from many people that the food and alcohol on Railay Beach is way more expensive and not as good as in other places. We have got an amazing food, great drinks for a good price so I guess it all depends where you eat / drink. We can definitely recommend Railay Thai Cuisine.


Krabi – is a great place to start or end up your trip. You will not be disappointment after visit in this place. Railay Beach – great for a one day, would not stay there overnight. If you have any questions, leave a comment or send me a message on Instagram!

So that is it for today. Next week, next stop – Koh Lanta and in next 3 days you can expect a great post from our trip to Glendalough and Bray!

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Kisses, Eff 🙂

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