Welcome back! :)

Over 4 months..

Over 4 months I needed to back to blog. It was crazy time honestly.. I changed a lot of things in my life, some things changed without my help.
But finally, I feel that everything is on the right way.

So ..
Again.. It’s very hard to find good thing to start all this story. But ..
As you know I changed my job.
I am still working with family, its so kind of au pair work. But I have more things to do.. So I am working more:)
I am writing post on my blog in English – its another thing which I promised to do.! 🙂
I am exploring Ireland, I am trying to going to places which I had never seen before, like Cliffs of Moher, Trim Castle (amazing places, I will add note just about that).
* I am changing my wardrobe . Haha it’s sounds crazy, but I have so many colors and different things there, like white snickers, new dresses .. It’s quite cute 😉
* Not only wardrobe.. I am still changing myself. Few months before i wasn’t able to go out without make up (i am not typical make up girl, but always have sth). Now .. I can do that! I can go for shopping etc and don’t care about make up.. Its crazy! 🙂
* I think that I feel comfortable with my English. I can talk with people without thoughts: Maybe I said sth wrong,maybe I should say that in other way .. No! Now I am trying be focus for this what is more important that this thing 🙂
And a lot of different stuff, but the most important!
Finally I am happy .. Totally happy, without any excuses. I found someone who is perfect. Person who makes me feel great, who cares about me and my feelings.. God.. I could say so many amazing things about HIM.. But I just say that I am totally happy and for sure you will see Him on my blog. Because I can’t imagine my life without Kamil, and if I am writing about my life, am writing about him as well 🙂
* And on the end .. The most crazy thing. I have tattoos.. Not one tattoo, but three:D
On the end of the march I made two tattoos, which I was thinking over 1 year about and them, one month later I made amazing sentence, which is very important for me. 🙂 Of course I will have more .. I know that. I see some ideas in my head already. I know that’s crazy but I like that part of my life 🙂
What about this what is now, and will come in future.
Yesterday I came back from Portugal. I was there with my host family.I was at work 🙂 I have to say that this place is amazing, but I couldn’t enjoy this in 100% because I had weird feelings.. I missed Kamil, and I felt that I lost sth in Ireland. It wasn’t good, but .. Quinta do Lago is incredible. People, food, water, beaches, sun ( I burned my skin :D), everything was great, but as I said I couldn’t wait to going back to home 🙂
Next month will be the best, seriously. I am working just few days and them I will start my holidays <jupi> One of my wish will come true – I am going with my boyfriend to Barcelona. I really can’t wait for that! Really ..:)
And them we would like go somewhere one more time on August. But this is still in my ‚waiting list’ 🙂
What about time in Ireland ?
Hmm .. I am here 1.5 years already. How it’s happened? I have no idea, really. Time is still going, and I am trying to not miss anything 🙂 But the one thing is for sure – I would like stay here, and be happy. It’s not too much, right? 🙂
I have to say, I am glad that I am writing again. It was hard to find time for everything. But now I feel that I really can do that. I have some new ideas for my blog. I need to change some things, refresh some information 🙂 I would like share my blog with other people, too. Before it was for me, my friends, just small group of people. Now I want make real blog with real readers:)
And I hope I will be happy with all of that. 🙂
On the end I would like say sorry for ‚my English’. I know it’s not perfect, and some things should looks different but I hope you won’t have any problems with understanding me 🙂

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