About Me

Polish girl living in Ireland! I think this is the best what You can say about me.. 😉 Originally I am from Poland, but I am living in Ireland since 2014. That’s why you can ready posts in two languages: Polish and English.

I love travelling.. I mean.. I love a lot of things: tattos, good food, wine.. But travelling and blog are always on the second place in my heart. The first place is taken by Kamil 😉

I am trying my best to do my job. My blog is all about me and I promise you.. If You will stay here, you won’t regret 😉


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Why me?

  • This is my blog – I am doing my best to make this perfect.
  • I am polish, but living in Ireland – I am writing in two languages so You don’t have to be worried that Your post will be understandable just for Polis people.
  • Cooperation is only possible if there is a connection with my blog. I don’t want waste your and mine time – if You think that we can work together, just send me a message 🙂