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Hola! I mean Hi! 😀

Today I have a great post from our holidays! As You know at the end of June we went for short holidays to our favourite place! We did have just few days and we wanted to spent it in a great place, that’s why we choose Barcelona (again ;)). We already know that place so we didn’t waste the time to looking for beach, shops or restaurants 😉 If you are thinking about going to Barcelona, stop thinking just go! This is one of the most beautiful places! And this is definitely my favorite city! We were there just 4 days! but as You can see we made a lot of pictures! Sit down, relax and watch! 😉

Let’s start from the best things:




I have to tell you that Kamil is my favourite person.. Like I love to do everything together. Travelling, cooking, sleeping.. He is the best 😉

That’s all! I hope you liked that post and You didn’t fall asleep! If you would like to know more about Barcelona, have a look at my posts about Barcelona from 2015!


Eff 🙂

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    June 15, 2017 at 8:00 pm

    Barcelona jest super miejscem na wakacje z chcecia pojachalabym jeszcze raz. Warto zwiedzac i planowac

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