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Happy Halloween guys! Today 31st of October so whole Ireland is celebrating the Halloween! We had our party earlier so today I have a time to write something for you 🙂 This month started really sad cause I had to say goodbye to Aneta, my real soulmate!! 🙂 Ahe loves travels, wine, food, pictures.. I can’t wait till she be back!! 🙂 You can followe her here: Aneta’s blog. One week later we were celebrating ’18th’ birthday of Kris. It…

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Today new post about Manchester! Last time you could read about some travel tips, this time I would like to show you more abut that beautiful city.. In pictures 😉 When I came do Manchester the weather was amazing!! because of that I made a lot of pictures (Trust me, really a lot of pictures..:) 😉  I hope you will enjoy watching them!! 🙂 Dublin airport   Manchester city Chetham’s Library   A little bit Chinese ..      This…

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