Visit Fuerteventura! – Your mini travel guide!

Hello, today I am coming to you with another inspiration for your holiday destination. This time I am bringing you to Fuerteventura, Canary Island.

Fuerteventura is definitely all year destination. It is pretty windy place but the temperature is always good enough for sunbathing.

There is plenty of nice cities to stay in, we have decided to book a hotel in El Cotillo and this was very good decision! Below you will find all the information.

This post is more practicable one, where to go, where to stay. If you would like me to prepare more inspirational for you, please let me know!


We were debating whether we should stay north or south and we’ve decided that north was more appealing to us. We skipped very popular town of Corralejo and chosen El Cotillo as our base. El Cotillo – an amazing city, worth stopping by. There is plenty of places to stay in, restaurants to eat in, beaches to visit. Just have a look at the waves!


We stayed in Hotel Coral Cotillo Beach. The hotel has great location, plenty of places. The look is very clean, beautiful, I would dare to call it boho! We’ve seen families, couples, older couple – I believe it is a right places for everybody. I know they have all inclusive option, we only booked a breakfast and it was okay. Buffet style, nothing too special. I would recommend booking through their website, the prices are way better and they often offer deals.


We have rented FIAT 500 with CICAR. They have plenty of options, if you book with deposit you do not need to leave a credit card. Now, I will be honest, we had to skip one beaches because our car would not go through the off roads, but in the same time, some of the roads were so narrow, bigger car would be an issue πŸ™‚


Now, we did not visited ALL places which we wanted but I can definitely share some inspiration, what you should visit, is there anything we would’ve skipped next time. If you would like to see more, make sure to check my saved highlight on Instagram – Efffmylife

Aguas Verdes

Mirador de Valle de las Cuevas


Barranco De Las Penitas – which I call way to hell!

Popcorn Beach

Playa de la Pared

Parque Natural de Corralejo

Islote de Lobos


We’ve eaten in a lot of places, Polish restaurant, small local place, McDonald – we did not had bad experience. I mean look at this variety:


I am leaving you with couple of drone shots. Fuerteventura was amazing but it was EXTREMELY windy. This was also our first time flying drone, so let’s just say.. there was a lot of screaming..


Fuerteventura is AMAZING. We were debating which island to choose and this was definitely a good decision. As mentioned, we’ve visited it in February and weather was fantastic! I would definitely check weather for long term before I would buy the tickets πŸ™‚

ArΔ™ you planning to visit Fuerteventura or another island, let me know! Do you have any questions, message me here or on my Instagram πŸ™‚

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