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How to easily transform your house –

Hi all, as you know, if I am not travelling, I am probably redecorating the house. I am actually surprised Kamil is still married to me considering how many changes I’ve already done!

This time we’ve decided to redecorate, actually change whole hall in the house. I am glad that have decided to collaborate with me and help me decorated our new hall.

As you know I absolutely love photos on the wall, posters of different kind, and the choice Gallerix has to offer – WOW! It took us couple of hours to decide what we want 😀 If you would like to see what they have in offer click here: POSTER OPTIONS.

We have decided for different kind of prints this time. We’ve chosen two prints that will hang over the stairs and will be changed during the year. We have chosen PERFECT SUNSET for summer and CABIN IN SNOW for winter.

But what makes me the most excited is that with you can design your own map. You can choose country, city, or special for you place! How incredible is that? Just look a this:

Another great option with is that they have special page for inspiration: GALLERY WALLS. If you do not know how to combine posters, which one would like great together – this is page for you!

Would you like to see how our hall looks like after transformation with Make sure to watch my Instagram on Sunday at 4 pm. I will reveal it all!!

Kisses, EFF! 🙂

Photos from website.

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