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Phoenix Park, Dublin

Visit in Phoenix Park was not planned at all and I am happy that we had some spare time to actually go there. We haven’t been there for a long time and it was nice to have a time for a walk.

After short walk we have decided to look for a deer which are living in Phoenix Park.

But first, we’ve got a not really exciting surprise. We’ve met a really wild deer which weren’t really happy to see some people trying to get closer to them. We’ve done few quick shots and we walked away before they got mad 😀

I was quite disappointed and pretty sure that we won’t meet any more animals that day but lucky we did! There is one popular spot in Phoenix Park, around the football pitches where you can always find some deer.

Before you are entering the Park, there is information: Do not feed the deer. It is very important to follow that but unfortunately people are just stupid and they don’t care about it. They will do everything to get a perfect picture with the deer, they forgetting how dangerous that might be. Obviously we didn’t have a food for animals so they weren’t really interested and it wasn’t that easy to get a great shot, but I think we have done a really good job 😉 If you would like to know more, why you shouldn’t feed those animals, please see —> Don’t feed deer in Phoenix Park.

I would recommend to visit this place especially for families with kids. But please be careful. Those animals may seems to be friendly but they are still wild animals 🙂

Also, if you would like to see more there is a ZOO and nice coffee place in the park, so you can really plan whole day in Phoenix Park if the weather would be nice 🙂

Phoenix Park is one of the best places to visit in Dublin. I am working on a post where I would put a list of the best places to visit. Hope you will enjoy it!

Kisses, Eff 😉

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