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Last year was busy, crazy, excited .. Last year was amazing..  Last year probably has changed all my life. Why ? Just because. Long time I couldn’t decide what exactly I want from that life. I wanted by happy as all of the people. But I was just waiting, I didn’t do anything to change my current life. I had job, but I was working there only because of the contact which I had with kids, I was dating some…

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2 years in Ireland?!

2 years in Ireland! Woohooa! I can’t believe that it is already! I remember that day when I came here, and I everything was so beautiful. I have to say: I felt confused, really confused. Why ? It is easy. I left whole my life in Poland. I had boyfriend, friends, family, work there, and I decided to come here, of course just for 6 months. To try something new. And I did this. I tried. And this changed all…

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