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Good Morning! New post PHOTO MIX is here. You have to know that February is very important for me. At 14th of February I have a birthday and at 15th of February 2014 I came to Ireland. So birthday and kind of anniversary in one month. It is a lot! This month was actually really good! I have so many good memories.. Of course I came here to share this with You. But before I will start.. I would like…

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It’s 1st of February, so it is perfect time for PHOTOMIX from January! This month has passed very quickly. I can’t believe that it is February already. But let’s focus on summary. What happened in January? 😉 On the beginning of January we went for a short walk to Dublin City Center. We visited Phoenix Park and our favourite restaurant with Pancakes. That was great day 🙂 I started preparing pictures for post about food. As you can see I ate some…

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Good morning! 😉 I hope that your week is as amazing as mine. Till weekend just one day 😀 I am not feel very good, I am quite sick, but it is all because of weather 🙂 Today new post: ‚Photo’s month’, where I would like to show you, mostly with the pictures what happened in February 😉  It was the shortest month but there is a lot of things to tell you about. Enjoy! * Weather in Ireland was…

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