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Back to the past – Portrush, Northern Ireland

Good morning, as You can see by the title – we are having a little trip back to the past. I am gonna show You a beautiful city in Northern Ireland. I hope You gonna love it!

Portrush is small, resort city in the northern part of the country. If we wouldn’t have a friend which was raised in this town, I would think that all those people came here for holiday!

In the town we can find a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, playgrounds, casinos and funfair park. It is very nice and cosy place, but everything looks very old. There is few old school casinos, where a lot of older people spending their time. But also You can find a Funfair park. This place gave me a lot of mixed feelings.. I love it because it looks like kids and adults have a lot of fun there, but also I was little concerned .. This is really old park, and I have to say I was worried if the machines are okay to use.. But don’t You think that this place is quiet! This place is very busy and it is not easy to find a free park place!

Sandy beach is something what we saw as first.. We fell in love, as this is something what we are missing in Ireland a lot!

If You are looking for a nice, quiet place I would recommend a small walk on the beach behind park. There is no kids as water is too deep and not a lot of people knows about small coffee shop, which you can find in the pier.

One of the biggest attractions are the places where You can jump to the deep, deep water. As You can see below, people really enjoyed that! I have to say: the water was freaking cold, I have no idea how did they survive that!

We went to Portrush for an easy, quiet day. But I would definitely recommend to prepare some plan and see more than just this city.

Below you can find a map, where I marked few nice places around Portrush. You can start your trip at Dark Hedges, then go straight to see the Carrick – a -Rede Ropebridge. From this place You have only 15 minutes to the famous Giant’s Causeway. Next quick tea in Portrush and go to visit last, but very interesting Castlerock town, knows from The Game of Throne series. It is up to You how you gonna spend this day. I can only give You few suggestions.

We fell in love with Portrush and we definitely will be back there. But If You are afraid that this place is too boring for You, don’t spend there all day. Pop in for coffee, have some ice cream, spend few minutes on the beach and then go to the next place 🙂

Portrush wasn’t the first place which we visited in Northern Ireland. If You want to see more, here you have a previous posts Dark HedgesCarrick a RedeBelfast.

Le me know if you ever been in Northern Ireland? Have You ever heard about Portrush? Did You enjoy this post? Don’t forget to share some love in the comments below! 😉

Have a nice day! Kisses, Eff!

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