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Carrick-a-Rede Ropebridge – Bridge on the end of the world

Hi all!

Today I am taking You again to Northern Ireland. As I promised lat time, I am gonna show you one of the most exciting things in NI. I guess the title isn’t clear enough for you, so just let’s see the pictures! Enjoy 🙂

Carrick-a-Rede Robebridge is nothing else as a rope bridge on the coast. The vies is amazing! All of this looks so incredible! But it’s the best to go there when the weather is nice. If will be rainy or will be strong wind the bridge may be closed. The best is to check their Twitter Account. They have a live update everyday – Carrick a Rede. We were really, really lucky – the weather was amazing and we really enjoyed time on the coast.

If you want to cross the bridge you need to buy a ticket. The prize is not big and is including the bridge and walk all around the cliffs. The prices are: Adult – £8, Child – £4. You can also get the family ticket and get some discount for bigger group of people. The tickets are available in small office on the car park. You can pay by card, so You don’t have to be worried if You don’t have a cash. The last ticket is selling 45 min before closing the bridge. More about history of this place – Carrick-a-Rede.

Before we start our walk, we went too see point view above the cliffs. This place was like wow! After this we knew, that this is not the end of surprising.

Okay, we are the car park. We are buying the ticket. We are face to face with the bridge. And now, there is the moment which I was afraid the most. I have fear of height, and I am afraid of the deep water.. So as You can see I was in totally wrong place 😀 For few minutes I wasn’t actually sure if I am gonna do it. Like, you can laugh of me but I was totally scared. But the Kamil helped me realise that this is our only moment in this place.. And if I won’t do it, I will never do it again. So i did this! I crossed the bridge with my jelly legs.. And I was proud of myself. That was a huge step out of my comfort zone 😉

On the other side of bridge, we have a small island. You can watch from here amazing view like: surrounding water, cliffs, nature. It was worth my jelly legs 😀

I have to say that this place is incredible. You are very excited when you are crossing the bridge, but in the same way. This place is super quite and helps to calm you down. I wish I could live closes to the ocean..

Carrick-a-Rede is one of few very amazing things in Northern Ireland. If You would like to see more, I would recommend to stay there for more than one day.

Below some pictures.

I hope You liked this place as much as I do! Let me know in the comments if You would dare to cross the bridge or no! If you want to see more about our trip to Northern Ireland, check last post about Northern Ireland 🙂


Eff 😉

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