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One day in Belfast!

Hi all,

 Finally after weeks of silence, I am coming with new post. Now I am ready to work. I have a lot of ideas and of course a lot of energy 😉

Today I want to take You with me, for the very, very short trip to Northern Ireland.

The truth is that this title should be: 2 hours in Belfast. Because this is how much time we spent in that great city. 2 hours is definitely enough to fall in love!

We went to Northern Ireland because we wanted to buy a TV. We wanted a big one, with goods screen and unfortunately here, in Ireland they were super expensive. That’s why we decided to go to NI.

Finally! After a big searching, we found a great TV. In supermarket in Lisburn. Not too far from Belfast.

But what about the Belfast. On the way to NI we didn’t wanted to go there because the weather was very bad. It was cold and rainy.

Unfortunately the weather changed and we could go for little walk. We left our car in Victoria Square, shopping center which is OPEN. Like you know, no roof, no anything. This is the most stupid idea ever! I was cold and I was just dreaming about going back to car 😀

And.. Maybe I shouldn’t say that, but the prize of the car park.. It’s horrible! 😀

In the city center we spent just an hour. We went for a walk to see few places and enjoy the sunshine.

City hall is a beautiful building. We didn’t go inside, but I can tell you now – I love it. It’s big and it definitely looks like the most important place in city.

During our walk we saw a lot of the street art. I am impressed because you know, most of the graffiti’s are ugly and they are just to cover the building. The graffiti in Belfast is beautiful! And I can’t wait to see more!

Then we went to the St. George Market. And .. I was so disappointed.. Because when we came there, there was actually a break and everything was closed. So .. we had to just forget and go to see something else.

Actually I thought that’s my last moment in Belfast. Cause we decided to go for a shopping to one Outlet. But suddenly Kamil has changed his mind. And after small shopping we came back to Belfast to buy a table in IKEA and see the building of Titanic’s museum by night.

Such a lovely surprise!

If You want to ask me, why we went to IKEA in Belfast, if we have one, here in Ireland – it’s very simple. The table which we wanted was unavailable in Dublin. So we decided do go and buy this in Belts.

But then.. The main attraction of the day: TITANIC MUSEUM! This place was incredible! I felt in love again..

After a short photo shoot 😀 we start heading back home, but I already knew that I will be back to see Museum inside!


We came back home very tired but very happy. We got what we wanted. We saw a lot of great things.. And we spent a lovely day together.

I hope I will be back to Belfast. Very soon!

Let me know if you like post like this, short trip, one day trip. I would love to show you more!

Have a great day, 

Eff! 🙂

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