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Our little Italian holidays

Hi guys! Finally after 5 months I have put all things together and have decided to share the post from our trip to Rome!

Below you will find all information about: how to get from/to the airport, accommodation in Rome, food and attractions. Please, get yourself a cup of tea and something to eat because this is going to be a long post with a looooooots of photos!

We went to Rome because of our forth anniversary. Every year we are trying to visit a different place so we could celebrate this day. This time we decided to go to Rome, but this trip was different to me. Usually I am checking all places before, I am planning the whole trip. But, once in my life I have decided to just go and enjoy ourselves. Trust me, it was very good decision. On the end of the post, you will find my opinion about Rome, but now I would like to invite you to read all the information and enjoy photos!

Airport Rome Ciampino

The airport in Rome it is tiny and you have to take it in consideration if you want to stay there overnight because the airport is closed between 12 am – 4 am. Inside the airport you will find few shops, where you can buy the usual stuff like alcohol, cigarettes, souvenirs and few small places serving food. The airport is not really big so you may have a problem to find a place to seat. Also, please remember.. Italian people don’t like being in rush, so I would recommend to get to the airport early enough, so you won’t miss the plane.

Transport from / to the airport

Transport from the airport is one of the two things which I am always booking before I will get to the destination. I feel more comfortable when I know that I have this already sorted out. There is a lot of companies who are driving between Rome and the airport. We have decided to buy tickets with Terravision. It took around 45 min to get to Rome from the airport and the prices are starting from €5 per one way. I would suggest to book the tickets online and just print them out, or save them on your phone.

Accommodation in Rome

We went to Rome for 3 days, which is 2 nights. I was looking for a hotel which would be located in town so we don’t have use public transport. The prices in Rome are crazy, so I would suggest book the place much earlier. I found small B&B Manzoni Holidays, which was a perfect match for us. The reviews on didn’t really helped because there was a lot of good and also bad reviews but we took a chance and we were really happy. The place is located around 17 min by walk from the Termini station, around 22 min walk from the Colosseum. It is a small b&b with only few rooms, which was nice. The rooms were clean, en suite, with access to coffee and tea. The owner was also very lovely and helpful. We really recommend this place.

Food in Rome

A lot of people told us that Rome is very expensive. It was bit more expensive that Milan, but not really bad. We visited around six places, restaurants and only one was really, really bad. I would love to give you a name but I don’t remember. The only thing which I can recommend, is to read reviews before you will eat somewhere;) As I said, Rome wasn’t too expensive, I will write you some of the prices. Pizza – around € 8- €12, pasta between €7- €15, good Italian ice cream – prices from €3, tasty panini for breakfast – prices from €5, Peroni Beer €2,50, water 500ml €1, Aperol Spritz – €6,50, House wine (0,75ml) from €8. Please remember that in Rome you won’t be able to buy alcohol in the supermarket after 9:30 pm.

Attractions in Rome

I assume that most of you is going to Rome because you want to see the most popular attractions. We also had a plan to do this but then we realised that we need a break, so we have decided to visit only the most important. We have seen Pantheon, Colosseum, Roman Forum, Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain and we walk around the St. Peter’s Basilica. We really enjoyed walking down the streets, and not worrying that we have to see everything. If you are planning to visit Colosseum, I will give you a tip which can help you a little bit. First, if you are 25 or younger you can get your ticket for only €2 – but please remember to have any Photo ID to prove your age. If you are under 18 the tickets are for free, and if you are over 25 the tickets cost €12. So, if you have already read something about visiting Rome you probably know that the queues are horrible, and trust me – they are. So if you want to skip the longest queues getting to Colosseum, I would recommend going to the ticket office next to Roman Forum. The queue will be for sure shorter and the tickets which you will get it is also for the Colosseum. If you are planning to get a picture at the Trevi Fountain, I would strongly recommend to go there very early in the morning (like 5 am) or very late at night. If you will go there during the day, you will have a photo with other 300 people 😉 If you want to see more place, I would recommend to buy the Roma Pass card. We haven’t use it but we’ve hard it is worth to buy it.


Trevi Fountain


Piazza Navona

Around the St. Angelo’s Castle

St. Peter’s Basilica

Roman Forum

Souvenirs from Rome

So I was not sure if I should put that here, but I really think that this information may be good to some of you. We are always bringing souvenirs from our trips. This is a small thing which always remind us about the great time we had. But I know that sometimes the souvenirs could be pricey. So if you are thinking about buying some souvenirs in Rome I would really recommend to look for small shops with souvenirs around Pantheon. There is a lot of them there and the prices are better than on those little street shops.

My thoughts about Rome

I feel like I shouldn’t write this but you known me for being honest so I will let you know what I am thinking about Rome. I am not a biggest fan of Rome. The city is beautiful, you can find here things which are extremely unique but I don’t think I will be back there soon. The streets were dirty, there was way too many people, things overpriced.. It was a great time, to be there and see things like Colosseum but that’s all. Please don’t think that because I didn’t like Rome too much you shouldn’t go there. I know that we all like different things, so if you weren’t there yet – you really should go 🙂

I hope you really enjoyed this post. Let me know, have you been in Rome? Are you planning to go there? I want to know all. Kisses, Eff 🙂

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