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New place – Avoca shop

Hello, hello!

We have a horrible weather in Navan, and it is really sucks because I wish we could go somewhere, but .. what can I do. The good thing is that I have a time to post something new, finally!

This post is new, and very interesting for me. I hop You will like it, too 🙂

I would like to show you amazing place, great shop which I think is really worth to visit. Avoca – because this is the shop is a magical place. You can find there everything. You can buy there clothes, food, toys for kids, home decorations, everything.

Best thing? Decorations outside the shop.

But let’s have a look inside.

First thing after you coming into the shop is – WOW! You are totally impressed by the quantity of the stock, which you can see. Let me show you few of them .

Unique jewellery and high quality clothes surrounded by beautiful interior. 

Kids area is a heaven! And I am not talking just about the toys which You can buy. All of this is prepared so the kids could have a nice time waiting for parents, playing with toys and watching stories.

Cosmetics, beauty area – Everyone will find something perfect. You can find here a goods which You won’t find in different shop and You can buy here a bio cosmetics. They costs bit more, but don’t forget that You are putting them on Your face – you shouldn’t skimp money for that 🙂

Household appliances – This is not IKEA definitely.. Don’t get me wrong, half of my apartment is decorated by  IKEA, but the things from Avoca are so beautiful. I will be here very often when we will get our own home. 🙂

Groceries – If You are looking for a good wine in suitable prize, or You are just like me and You love tasty, delicious food – this is perfect place for You!

I hope I’ve showed You the best things about Avoca. If You like this post and would like to read more about one place, let me know. I will be more than happy to prepare something like this again!

If You would like to know more, you can check that page – AVOCA 










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