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Hello! I hope you are keeping well!

Today’s post is a just a summary of what happened in September. It was a good month. We “recovered” after holidays, we have realised that summer is gone and we started preparing for Autumn. When you are a summer lover it is not easy to just let it go, but well… what can you do 🙂

Let’s have a quick look at what happened during September 2021! `Please note that our FUN things are happening during the weekend. During week, Monday to Friday is all about work, gym and house 😂

First weekend of September was an adventure for me. We went camping… Yes, I know! I mean we slept in a car… But it was still an adventure to me 😂 Drinks, signing, bonfire till late hour – it was an amazing way to say goodbye to summer months!

Next weekend, we went for a trip to our favourite place – Glendalough. You have to know one thing about us.. When we are feeling overwhelmed with city, we want to go into mountains, but not too far, we are always ending up in Glendalough . I think, I can safely call it our spot 🙂

The following weekend we went to look for some autumn decorations and we have spent one of the best weekends with our friends. Big news, they have a baby! Hugo is the most amazing baby, and… thankfully he loves us 😂

Sunday, the 19th we went to St. Catherine’s Park to support our friend’s business. I mean we went to eat waffles, but we brought friends which means we supported them!😂 This park is amazing, they have a special place for dogs, food market every weekend, playground for kids – really worth recommending!

Last weekend of September we spent preparing photos for POSTER STORE. It was fun. You know… Kamil usually is helping me create a photos, this time I thought I would do it myself.. You should see his face when he found me sitting on the kitchen table 😂

Last days of September.. it is all about appreciation of beautiful weather in Dublin and my amazing nails.. 😂

As you can see September was not bad.. Wait till you hear all about October! Have a good one!

Kisses, Eff 😉

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