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#TBTmarch 2021!

Hi guys! I am happy to be back! I am happy that I want to write again! So many things happened in the last couple of months but we will start slowly! First I will tell you all about March and then we will go back to the past!

I know I am not all the time on the blog and there is couple of things which you have missed. `If you want to know more, make sure to follow me on Instagram – Efffmylife.

As you may know or you may not know, we have still lockdown in Ireland. So every little walk, shopping, or trip to the office is now a treat. I know that does not sound too cool or exciting but we have to appreciate little things!

March was not the busiest month but we still have done few cool things.

Let’s start!


On the beginning of March I have worked from the office so I have used this opportunity to visit two places I’ve meant to visit a long time ago.


I was thinking about Asia Market from the date they have said that they have Little Moon Ice Cream… `Unfortunately they did not have them that day but I have bought few Asian treats..


Laduree is an amazing and very pretty bakery / cake shop in Dublin. They have delicious desserts but they are famous for their macaroons… I am not going to lie, they tase pretty good, but they were pricey 🙂


March was a month when we decided to start renovating few things in the house. We have painted bathroom and Kamil’s office, we have decorated walls with some prints and we started doing some stuff in the garden. Now we just have to paint the hall and finish garden before summer! I will prepare a longer post with all renovations from the day we have moved in!


One weekend we have decided to go for a walk to visit some place between Navan and Slane. We have been there before but this time we went there with Coco, she did enjoy long walk, so we will be doing this more often. I absolutely adore this place and I am hoping to have an opportunity to visit this house and take some pictures inside!


I was pretty active on Instagram this month.. 13 posts and 1 reel! If you want to be ‘up to date’ with my posts, make sure you follow me.


At the end of March we had two days with amazing weather. We went for a long walk and enjoyed sunshine.. I am afraid that during the summer it will be rainy and windy and we need some good, warm summer especially if we will have to stay in Ireland!

That’s it! hope you enjoyed this little post! We are starting Easter weekend! I hope you will spent this time with your families, eating and resting!

New post on Monday, do not miss it!

Kisses, Eff 😉

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