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Good evening! 🙂
As I promised I am writing another post about Barcelona, but this time is more about us, our photos.
Because I have over 1300 pics, I need to choose the best. I write two posts: first 3 days, them another 3. I think it will be easier 🙂
We are at home over 2 weeks and I can’t forget about holidays.. It was definitely the best holidays!
Maybe because of that I am still talking about that 🙂
What about Ireland?
We had summer.. 3 days 😀 Now we have to say: Welcome autumn.. Hopefully will be nice and warm 🙂
But now? Time for Barcelona! 🙂
1 Day 
We came to our hotel around 12-13, so after quick shower we decided to go see the city.
Of course the weather was crazy, totally hot. Because of cold, Irish weather, we weren’t prepare for so high temperature,but we did this – short walk trough the city ( 5 hours :D).
And them, lovely dinner in Chinese restaurant! 🙂
Day 2
Next day we decided to start our tour through the city. We wanted see a lot of things, and we were hope that even if the temperature was extremely high we could do this 🙂
Day 3.
This day we went to our favourite restaurant for lasagna.. omg! I missed that a lot! 🙂
Them We saw Barceloneta, La Rambla and of course La Boqueria! On the evening we visited beach which looks great even in the middle of night 🙂
That’s all guys!
I know it was a lot of pictures, but .. soon I will show you more!
See you soon! 😉

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