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Trip to Dingle & Fungie the Dolphin

Hi guys!
New post about little break. I had some things to do and had no idea what to do with blog. I will be honest .. I needed to think what do I want to do, what do I want write. But I am back. I have a lot of ideas so keep reading. πŸ™‚
Last month we went to Dingle. Why? Because I wanted to see dolphin. Yes.. dolphin in Ireland. On the other side of Ireland πŸ˜…That was a crazy idea, I know. We had a 700km way to drive. 8 hours spent in the car. Here I would like to tell you how proud I am of Kamil. He drive for me all the way after night at work. I felt it it not really right but he said he want to.. so we went do Dingle :)Below you can see our way to Dingle. Too see dolphin we had to go on the other side of the Ireland.

All the way to Dingle we saw beautiful things. Escpecially when we left Dublin. Amazing views started in County Kerry. The most incredible way was definitely the Connor Pass. It was dangerous and very exciting.. Wow! Lakes, ocean, mountains, Dingle .. Amazing!
You should really go and see it!

Dingle, it is a very small town in County Kerry. It is famous because of the Fungie, the dolphin. There is a lot of shops, tourist offices and boats trips named by Fungie. He is the star of the town.

There is some nice restaurants, pubs and a lot of beautiful views. It is a place where you are going for a one day, so then you could go to see the rest of the Kerry. But! Don’t ignore that city. It is definitely one of my favourites places in the world πŸ˜‰

There is few companies, where you can find a boat trips. We chooses: Dingle dolphin tours. They offer 1 hour on the boat for 16€. The good thing about them is that they are giving money back if you won’t see a dolphin. You have to remember that this is a wild animal, not puppy in the circus.

The bad thing was that they are putting a lot of people on the boat and it is a little crowded. I was afraid that I will be sick but I was so excited that I really forgot about it! When we left a port we can see amazing city and cliffs.

Fungie the dolphin. The biggest attraction of Dingle and the biggest surprise for me. Fungie came to the Dingle in 1983 and he stayed there, all by himself. The thing is that he loves people, he loves attention. Because of the big waves it was hard to see dolphin all the time but even that I was delighted.Β  My dream came true. πŸ™‚

Trip to Dingle was a great thing. All the way to Kerry, the time which we spent together, it gave as a lot of beautiful memories.
Some good tips:
As I said earlier the best way is to plan a trip for few days so you could see more thing like Ring of Kerry, etc. Don’t forget to check the weather. I know we are living in Ireland but still it is not good to go when it will be super rainy.
Ticket for a boat You can buy in the office. There is a lot of trips during the day so You don’t have to be worried that you gonna miss something. The price is 16€.
If you don’t have a car that is not a big deal. Paddywagon company offers a lot of options to go to Kerry. Go to check their page: Paddywagon.
That’s all. I hope you enjoyed this post and will be back.
I wish you a great night!
See you soon,
Eff πŸ™‚

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