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Hello guys! I believe that right now we are not really planning any trips but I think it is a good time to start thinking: where we gonna go after all of this. That is why I have decided to finally sit down and write posts about our amazing experience in Thailand.

Holiday in Thailand was the best thing that we have ever planned. We have heard a lot before and we have seen a thousands pictures but we were shocked once we have landed in Bangkok. It was way more than we imagined.

I have planned to do few posts about Thailand because we have visited more than one place. I am also planning to do two posts where you will find reviews of all hotels we’ve been in and money which we have spent in Thailand. I hope you are looking forward to read those posts.


I would lie if I would say that we fell in love with Bangkok immediately. Unfortunately, as the title says – it was not a love at first sight.. Temperature of 40 degrees, plenty of people, mix of different smells and tiredness did not help us understand this city. We needed to leave and come back again to understand its magic. Suddenly, we loved this place and we regret we did not spent more time exploring Bangkok.

Bangkok was our first and last stop in Thailand. We have spent there 2,5 days and I am telling you now, it WAS NOT enough. We have missed so many places, but I am not worried, cause I think we are gonna visit Thailand again. Before you will plan your trip remember to get enough time for everything and also, please remember that Thailand is different – different culture, religion, different rules.

Khao San Road

Khao San Road was our very first stop after we have checked in in our hotel. I think that whoever is planning trip to Bangkok has heard about this place. I am brave enough to say that this is one of most popular streets in the world. Our first impression of this place was not a nice impression – we were overwhelmed with the amount of people, food carts but we have changed our mind pretty quick. And it was all because of the food which we have tried. The first food which I’v tried in Bangkok was coconut ice cream with coconut pieces. OMG! I have not ever in my life eat anything like this and then it was only better. Khao San Road is connected with two other streets where you can find tons of restaurants and places with food. Most of the time we were buying food on the food carts, on the streets and believe me – that was the best idea. Pad Thai from the street for 50BHT will be in our heads for a long time!

The Grand Palace

Phra Borom Maha Ratcha Wang, The Grand Palace is a complex of a buildings which until the XX were a residency place for the King. The Grand Palace was a first place on our list which we wanted to see. I will tell you that: Reality was 100000% better that what we had in our heads! The place itself, the amount of small palaces and the way that they were made – masterpiece. It is truth that the amount of people is crazy and this place is really crowded but you kind of forgetting about it when you are walking around looking at all of those pieces.

The queue could be big, so we do recommend to visit this place as early as possible. The place is open between 8.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m. The price of the tickets is 500 BHT for foreign tourists, you can buy tickets online or in the ticket desk on the site. There is few things included in the price, so I would recommend to visit their website to see details.

Wat Pho

We went to see Wat Pho straight after The Grand Palace. The price of the ticket is 100 BHT and the place is open between 8.20 a.m. and 5 pm. You have bottle of water included in this price, which trust me, in this heat is a life saver.

Reclining Buddha is a 46 metres long, covered in gold leaf. It’s an easy 10-minute walk between here and the Grand Palace and we recommend it to see it after the Grand Palace, as many people are too tired to go there so this place is more relaxed and it is not that crowded.

Siam Center & MBK Center

Siam Center and MBK Center were two places which we have visited on our last day in Bangkok. Siam Center is more an exclusive center with a lot of shops like Sephora, Victoria’s Secret etc. MBK Center is like a huge market under a roof, you can seriously find her anything. We’ve been there for over 2,5 hours and we have not seen everything!

What we have not seen but we think it is worth it?

We have not seen everything what I wanted. We definitely did not have enough time, so below I will just write down places which I think you really should visit!

Wat Arun, Bangkok Airplane Graveyard, The Erawan Museum, Ayutthaya, Floating Market and Lumphini Park.

Transport in Bangkok

Transport in Bangkok is very organised! You really have a lot of options to choose from. We have tried taxi, metro and tuk tuk. There are also buses in Bangkok, very cheap but I they were not looking very safe and they were very old which means – no air conditioning! Between the taxi, metro and tuk tuk our favorite option was definitely metro. Cheap, full air conditioning inside, you can also get the connection between the airport and the city which is very helpful. Taxi – it is very important to negotiate the price before you get into the taxi! And I would also suggest to check the prices online so you would have an idea about rates. Tuk tuk – option for tourist but very cheap and comfortable. I would recommend to use it at least once.

Metro ticket

Where to stay in Bangkok?

We stayed in Bangkok three nights, two on the beginning of our holidays and one on the end. First two nights we spent in a hotel located 10 mins by walk from Khao San Road, in the hotel Casa Nithra. Very clean, nice hotel with a pool and bar on the roof. Our last night we spent in a hotel The Quarter Ari by UGH located in the Phaya Thai district. It is a very good place to stay if you want to see this part of the city and you want to be in a good connection with the airport. I will talk more about the hotels in a separate post.

Casa Nithra
The Quarter Ari byUHG

What to wear in Bangkok?

This is one of the most popular question on blogs and forums about traveling to Thailand. Usually when you are traveling to countries where is so hot, you are trying to find the shortest and the lightest clothes you have. Now, in Bangkok, when you are planing to visits the Temples you may want to stick long, comfortable and light. When you are visiting Temples you have to cover your shoulders and knees. Now, if you think that because so many people visits these places they will not pay attention – you are wrong. They are really checking if you are wearing an appropriate clothes. But do not worry, if you do not have long dress or pants, you can buy them everywhere, even on the entrance to the Temples. Our another concern was about what kind of shoes should we wear. I mean converse are the most comfortable but the the heat.. So a lot of people is saying that sandals ale the best because you have to take off your shoes once you are entering the Temples but if you are planning to walk a lot of km’s I would suggest maybe take some shoes for change.

Where to eat?

So, as I have mentioned previously, we mainly bought our food on the streets markets but we did visit some restaurants. There is one special place in Bangkok which you have to visit in you will be somewhere around. The place is called Kenshin Izakaya. We had there THE BEST Japanese food ever and I know we will be back there.

I just want to quickly say to you something, when you are travelling to places like Thailand, you have to be open minded. This is different culture, a lot of things may surprise you, there will be a lot of new things to try and I want to encourage you to do so! Try new things, try some new cuisine, I am telling you – you gonna love it! When we booked our tickets to Bangkok, a lot of friends were laughing that we are not gonna survive the heat and we will be always hungry as we will be afraid to eat their food – they were more than wrong. We fell in love with Thailand and we cannot wait to go back there.


It was hard to pull this post together. We have so many pictures, videos and memories and I would like to share it all with you! Now, when we cannon travel, memories are our best friends!

As I mentioned before, Bangkok was not my love at first sight but now I cannot forget about this place and I hope you will feel the same after reading this post. I hope You will want to see more.

If you want to see what we have done in Bangkok, on my Instagram you can find Highlight called Bangkok. There you find some pieces from our trip πŸ™‚

Let me know if you ever been in Thailand, Bangkok? What do you think? Did you like it? And if you were not there, would you like to go and visit Bangkok?

Kisses, Eff πŸ™‚

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